With Adomik’s automated pricing, we know our Open RTB inventory is priced fairly to ensure our buyers are happy and we are not leaving money on the table.”
— Claire Farley


PCH Media, a leader in direct marketing and chance-to-win opportunities, is a forward-thinking organization that reaches 20 MM unique monthly visitors. The team has seized the programmatic opportunity to combine first-party identity and purchase data from its customers to offer deep insights about what motivates them and provide marketers with digital media and targeting solutions that persuade people to action.


As PCH Media began to examine its programmatic channels, it became clear that maximizing Open RTB revenue represented a huge opportunity. The team sought a scalable way to identify optimization opportunities and get daily pricing rules written to maximize earnings as the market changed. As a result, Claire Farley, Head of Media & Operations sought solutions to automate pricing to match the market so that exchange revenue could be maximized, allowing the team to focus on buyer relationships, inventory strategies, and testing out new header partners.


PCH Media conducted a trial of Adomik’s OPTIMIZE for Google ADX. During the trial, the Adomik platform delivered significant revenue uplift not only within Google ADX, but also holistically across the entire stack of PCH’s monetization partners. Adomik’s optimization within Google AdX helped PCH Media enjoy greater holistic uplift across the entire stack by making its 7+ header partners beat more competitive AdX bids.  

As a result of the trial, PCH Media signed a long-term contract with Adomik. Since then, the partnership between PCH Media and Adomik has been very strong, with product teams collaborating on respective roadmaps and yield teams speaking bi-weekly to ensure that in-market strategies are up to speed with the rapid changes in the market.  

“With Adomik’s automated pricing, we know our Open RTB inventory is priced fairly to ensure our buyers are happy and we are not leaving money on the table.” says Claire Farley. “By using Adomik’s machine learning to automate pricing and rule writing, more time is allotted for the team to focus on more strategic work.”  

PCH Media also expanded their use of Adomik’s platform to include Adomik’s UNIFY cross-stack analytics tools that provide the PCH Media team with a ‘single record of truth’ across the stack. The team can instantly view unified data about buyers, brands, inventory, and channels across all their inventory and SSPs to make more rapid and informed yield decisions.  

“With UNIFY, I have a single view of all our buying partners across our open market and PMP sales channels,” says Chris Moore, Director of Business Development for PCH Media. “By merging all the data from our monetization partners to a single record, I can instantly pull key insights about behavior across the inventory to drive decisions we make with these partners and the broader sales organization.” 


  • Increased Revenue from ADX: Since using Adomik’s automated price optimization, PCH Media has seen an average ADX uplift of ~15% 
  • Holistic Revenue Uplift: By optimizing AdX, PCH Media realized an average uplift across the entire stack of 17%
  • Faster Market Response: Additionally, the speed by which PCH Media identifies and packages inventory has increased so they can respond to changing buyer behavior or new campaigns
  • Increased Understanding of Buyer Routes to Inventory: With the transparency that Adomik provides, the sales team is able to instantly see where buyers and brands are valuing PCH Media inventory the highest and adjust strategies accordingly