Using Adomik cross-stack analytics has helped illuminate our stack by consolidating our programmatic data into a single source, which enables us to make smarter and quicker decisions at both a strategic and operational level.”
— Karwai Low, 
Programmatic Platform Manager, 
The Guardian


The Guardian has embraced the programmatic challenge head on. With multiple sites, platforms and a publisher trading desk, the team is truly leaning into the future to leverage the unique attributes of its audience and extract maximum value from the market.


The Guardian team relies on data from numerous programmatic partners to give them a full picture of how their inventory is monetized. It is vital that there is a single source of truth which can provide  consistent data  that can be used to make more well-informed decisions, make data accessible to the relevant stakeholders, and to help them  assess their position in the market. 
However, with multiple monetization partners across the stack, it was time consuming and carries a high risk of error to have to log into each partner’s interface, extract, map and analyze the data with varying degrees of standardization.


The Guardian has been using Adomik’s CrossView and MarketWatch since October 2016 to address the challenges above. Since then, Adomik has helped;

  • Collate how much and where buyers were spending across the inventory
  • Understand its key buyers to better package inventory and build stronger relationships with their clients
  • Evaluate their position in market using Adomik’s MarketWatch benchmarking tools
  • Reduce wastage and inefficiencies by being able to troubleshoot quickly
  • Identify anomalies in trends which can then be acted upon
  • Promote a culture of smarter decisions


The Guardian team estimates the following results of using Adomik’s tools:    

  • Increase in revenue by being able to effectively optimize the monetization of their inventory
  • Improved transparency by being able to provide better insights back to buyers
  • Increase in efficiency by reducing error risks and troubleshooting time