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Yield Management

Maximize your Open Auction revenue with dynamic optimization of your header bidding setup and advertising stack

Open auction revenue optimization is growing more complex day by day as publishers have to deal with multiple demand sources (GAM, Prebid, TAM, Open Bidding), the cookie apocalypse, and increasing pressure on user experience.
Are you sure to have the right set of bidders in your stack? The optimal time-out values? The best user ID modules?… The Adomik Yield management platform brings you machine-learning-powered recommendations to ensure that your setup is always optimal and to make your advertising stack generate maximum revenue.

Why a Yield Management Platform?

Our Yield Management platform dynamically analyzes your header bidding setup and programmatic partners, and delivers real-time troubleshooting insights with automated recommendations

1. Optimize your user experience

Improve the user experience to grow your traffic and generate additional revenue

Reduce your page loading time with prebid time-out optimisation and smart bidder selection,
client- or server-side
Reduce the ad load on your pages with the optimal number of ad units per page
Increase your average revenue per user with Adomik Yield Analytics

2. Optimize your

Grow your programmatic demand to attract new revenue with Adomik Yield Optimization


Select the highest revenue-generating bidders
Implement the ID modules that provide the best CPM
Identify the best demand for consentless
and ID less traffic

3. Troubleshoot hidden issues

Resolve the technical issues that negatively affect your revenue


Receive real-time alerts any time a technical issue occurs
Access real-time analytics for full transparency
into your header bid data with Yield Analytics
Easily follow the effects of your troubleshooting actions
to ensure full recovery

Yield Optimization with Alerts

to get alerted on any unusual revenue variations



Receive Alerts on technical issues or partners’ changes of behaviour, per ad unit, domain, partner and per combination (partner/ad unit). Add More dimensions to the ones you already track


After any setup change, be alerted on positive or negative impact. Avoid days of revenue loss due to delay on noticing the issue thanks to our hourly alerting solution


Advertising Yield Management - Adomik Yield Recommendation Alerting

Yield Optimization with Recommendations

Get a map of all SSPs’ strengths and weaknesses to understand your partners added value

Platform Yield Recommendations - Yield Optimization _ Prebid Optimization

See all Partners’ added value card to understand your current partners: overall revenue per bid request, unique demand brought, performances per country/format/media type, etc.


Get an overview on other partners in the market: performances on cookied/cookieless & consented/non-consented environments, contribution to bid density, access to Curators, unique deal targeting criteria, Ad quality / Verticals, Fees, Payment terms, etc.

Optimize your stack towards perfection 


Identify the right moves, for the right scopes thanks to our AI-based system, to end up with the ideal stack: valuable formats to add on specific placements, the right partners/inventory associations (publisher, format, country, cookied/cookieless, device), Timeout values optimizing monetization & UX on each environment, new partners based on our market indexes & Partners’ ID card, ID modules to plug on your inventory


Receive Benefits associated with each recommendation: estimated additional revenue, latency and UX improvements, website emission reduction (less bid requests)

Adomik - Management - Manage internal and financial reporting, sales compensations and publisher settlements

Yield Optimization with AB TEST Framework

A/B test any stack set-up change and measure holistically 

Yield Use Case AB Tests for web - Advertising yield optimization

Access an infrastructure that allows as many AB tests as you want: various AB test types such as partners’ set-up change, timeout values, switch of partners from client-side to server-side, Ad units removal, ID modules


Make informed decisions on stack set-up changes


Measure holistically your revenue and the impact on user experience


Add Adomik Yield Analytics solutions to your Yield Optimization to

combine user analytics with revenue

and implement stronger revenue strategies


how it works

Machine learning


The Adomik Yield Management Platform leverages machine learning and our experience working with 120+ publishers to deliver automated recommendations to maximize your revenue


It does so per environment (Desktop Web, Mobile Web, or In-App) or traffic type (IDless, Consented, Constentless): bidder selection, timeout settings, client- or server-side, or ID modules, etc.

Adomik Yield - Machine learning - Advertising yield optimization

A/B testing and holistic measurement

Platform Yield Recommendations - Yield Optimization _ Prebid Optimization

The Adomik Yield Management Platform offers custom A/B testing capabilities on any optimization settings (time-outs, bidder selection, ad slots per page, client- vs. server-side activation, etc.)


It shares clear and transparent results on revenue uplift across your entire advertising revenue, taking into account your direct sales, PMPs, PGs (Programmatic Guaranteed) and the other demand sources (Open Bidding, TAM, etc.)


Yield Recommendations

Easy-to-implement and automated machine-learning-powered recommendations to optimize your stack. What is the optimal number of ad slots on your pages? What bidders do you actually need in your stack? Which user ID modules perform the best? What are the optimal time-outs?

A/B Test Management

A customized A/B testing management tool with dedicated measurement of revenue uplift across your full stack to test the Adomik Yield Recommendations as well as your own yield strategies

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