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Use Cases

Don’t have the resources or tools to adopt the right pricing strategy? Based on machine learning algorithms and predictions of buy-side spending, Price generates the best floor prices for open auction and rate card for programmatic direct, and continuously optimizes your yield over time.


Optimize your Open Auction revenue with floor price optimization


Get constant daily automated pricing rules based on optimal market conditions


Take advantage of our intelligent Data Engine to save you time on data crunching


Adapt your pricing based on hourly fluctuations within one day


Identify optimal floor pricing with our price simulation feature


Manage programmatic PMP pricing with a clear outlook on potential gains and losses


We collect your data from all your monetization partners, consolidate it, enrich it
and make it available in a single UI

Intelligent dynamic floor price optimization based on market fluctuations

Fully transparent incremental revenue uplift reporting

Granular pricing rule targeting: placement, location, time of day, buyer, etc…

Stay mindful of price aggressiveness with floor price monitoring

Pricing engine for PMPs

Consistent pricing across all channels